To add leave
Login to uAttend as an Administrator.

Select Users.

Select an Employee.
Select the Employee Services Tab.
Click the Orange "Add Request"

Click on the Start Date (It will turn grey).

Click on the End Date (The date range will turn grey)

Click Confirm
Enter the leave amount (Hundredths format eg. 07.50 for 7 hours 36 minutes) in the category. (Annual Leave, Sick/Personal, Public Holiday, Other)
Tick Approved, if not approved it will not appear in the timesheets.

Click Save.
Their Leave will then appear on their Timecards.

To Cancel Leave Requests and remove Leave
Go to Users
Select the Employee.
Select Employee Services.
Find the Leave Request in the Calendar.

Click on one of the days.
Click Cancel Request.

The Leave Request will be removed.

However their timesheets will still have the Leave.
Each entry will need to be manually removed by clicking the Bin Icon on the right.