This article will assist you in Adding a fingerprint template on the JR2000 uAttend timeclock.

Add Employee Fingerprint

  1. Tap the number pad icon in the lower right corner of the main screen
  2. Type in your custom administrator password and then press Enter
  3. Press the Employee icon


A message will display stating that templates from this model are not compatible with other uAttend clocks.


4. Either Search for the Employee by name or scroll the list of Employees to locate a specific person.


You can also tap the Filter icon, toward the upper right corner under the network status icon, to filter Unregistered Fingerprints.


NOTE: If an employee already has a fingerprint registered an image of a fingerprint will appear to the right of their name with a number, representing the number of templates that person already has registered.  Press the Test button to verify the functionality of an existing fingerprint template.

5. Tap the name of the person to register a new fingerprint.


6. Tap the icon that corresponds with the finger you wish to register. The options are Left Index, Right Index, Left Thumb and/or Right Thumb.


7. Scan the fingerprint 3 times by placing the finger on the sensor for a moment then releasing it. The clock should beep in between scans and display a confirmation of a successful scan after each attempt.


8. After successful registration, press Test Fingerprint to verify functionality.


Repeat the process to add additional fingerprint templates for an Employee.