This article will cover the process of authenticating with an RFID badge or key fob.

An employee must be assigned an RFID ID in the cloud portal before they may authenticate at a timeclock using an RFID badge or key fob.  Click to view the article on setting an employee up with an RFID badge/key fob.

1. Briefly place your RFID badge or key fob over the sensor on the device.


  • If unable to recognize your RFID, the device will display the following messages.
    • Make sure the clock is connected to a network with a stable connection to the internet.
    • Make sure an RFID ID (omitting any leading 0's) is assigned to the employee in the cloud portal (Users > Select User > Clocking Management).


  • The device should recognize your RFID and display the appropriate clocking options (depending on the current clocking status and enabled features).