How to enter Alpha Numerics on BN6500 and CB6500 terminals for WIFI passwords.

Adding Symbols, Letters and Numbers with the Keypad 

You may need to enter letters into your time clock, this can be tricky because there are no visible characters on the keypad of a BN6500 or CB6500 terminals. 

See the following for help adding symbols, letters and numbers via the keypad with the CB6500 or BN6500 time clocks.

Once you have entered the password field you can enter characters using the following:

Numeric characters are entered directly from the keypad

You can enter alpha characters by pressing the TICK KEY once

You can enter symbol characters by pressing the TICK KEY twice

To return to numbers, press the ESC KEY to access numeric mode

If you make a mistake, press the MENU KEY to delete the entry

When you have entered all symbols and alpha characters, press ESC to return to numeric mode

From the numeric mode, press OK to connect to your wireless network.

The time clock will connect to your WIFI network using the credentials you supplied.

Here is a list of the alpha and symbol options available on the keypad with the relevant keypad combination (ignore the = symbols!).

So, for example, to spell uAttend, type this into the keypad (ignore spaces)    81 23 80 80 31 61 30

Click HERE to see the full character table

Once you have entered all characters, ensure you finish on the numeric option and press 'OK'. The timeclock will then connect with your WiFi network.

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