Adding a New CB6500

The CB6000 and CB6500 time clocks are linked to your account in the same way, with the addition of a WiFi interface option for the CB6500.

1. Once the CB6500 has initialized, you will be given the option of choosing a Wifi or LAN network

2. If you choose WiFi, the CB6500 will now search for all available networks and you can proceed to the Connecting via a WIFI Router section, below.

3. If you choose LAN, follow the LAN setup instructions for the CB6000, HERE.

Connecting via a WIFI Router

Follow these steps on your CB6500 to link the device to your uAttend account via a WIFI router:

The time clock should be turned on, and initialized. The time clock will display the prompt “Press 1 to connect to your WIFI router. Press 2 to connect via LAN.”

1. Press 1 to initialise the WIFI module.

The time clock will display the message “WIFI Network is Not Available! Press OK to view a list of available WIFI Networks!”

2. Press OK.

A list of all WIFI networks that the time clock detects will appear.

3. Using the down arrow key, scroll to your preferred network and press OK.

If your WIFI network requires a password, the time clock will prompt you to input the password.

4. Enter the password.

You can enter alpha characters (letters) from alpha mode. To enter symbols, press the TICK key to access symbol mode. To enter numbers, press the ESC key to access numeric mode. For a full list of characters available on the keypad, click HERE

5. From the numeric mode, press OK to connect to your wireless network.

The time clock will connect to your WIFI network using the credentials you supplied.

Now, follow this page to link the CB6500 to your uAttend account, HERE

 To find out how to contact support please visit this page.