Setting Timezones for Timeclocks

 You can EDIT the Timezone settings for individual Timeclocks as required:
Go to Settings > Clocking Management and Click on the EDIT button for the relevant device: 

Now you can EDIT the Timeclock's NameTimezone or Available Departments. 

Setting Timezones for Employees

Please be aware that the time on the clock is not the time used for clockings, this is the Timezone associated with the Employee.

The time that is recorded against the employee is dependant on the Timezone that is set against their user profile on the system.

The Timezone selected for the Administrator is the default Timezone for the uAttend Account as it appears at the top of the uAttend portal.

The time showing on the Time Clock is controlled by the Timezone set for the clock in Settings/Timeclocks and is effected by the Daylight Saving Time setting  in Settings/General.