If you have purchased one of our Timeclocks, the most important thing is to carefully follow the Quick Start Guide that came with your device, this will guide you through setting up your account with your Timeclock.

You may wish to carry out the following tasks to make sure that you have started by setting some standard things that make using the system easier and more accurate.

1. Set the Daylight Saving Time normally the first Sunday in October at 02:00 to the first Sunday in April at 03:00.

2. Set the Pay Period Length and the Start Day of the Week.

3. Set up your first Department (you need to do this before you add any Employees!)

4. Add your users. You can add Administrators, Supervisors and Employees (NOTE: Only Employees can Clock IN and OUT)

5. Set up App Clocking if you intend to clock from smartphones and tablets.

6. Set up Web Clocking if you intend to use this feature.

7. See how to automatically add Public Holidays and Time Off Requests to Timecards.

8. Enrol your Employees on your finger print terminals or facial terminalsif you are using them.

9. See what else you can set up for each Employee including a username and password so that they can clock on the web or smartphone app.

10. How to change your Membership (Price Plan) to enable more Employees to be added to your account.

11. Turn on Department Transfers if you are going to use this feature.

12. Set up your Home Page Dashboard to give you an Executive view of Who's In, Top Departments, Time Off Requests and more.

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