You can access your Account Overview by clicking on the Profile name in the top right hand corner of the uAttend Employee Management System window, and select My Account from the drop down options:

This will open the Account Overview screen where you can Edit some of the details as per below:

Account Name - Your current Account name will be displayed in this row, click on the Edit link in the row beside Account Name to update your Account Name.

Site URL - Your current Site URL will be displayed in this row, click on the Edit link in the row beside Site URL to update the URL information.  This shows in the browser address bar, after E.g. (Your site URL will replace ats as above)

Current Employee Count - The current number of Active and Archived 'Employees' will be displayed in this row.  This information is not Editable and will only update based on the number of Users (employees) Added and Archived in the Users Tab.

Account Created - this row will show the Date and Time that this Account was created and is not editable.

Price Plan - this row will show the current Pricing Plan for your Account.  This can be edited to reflect the current number of Active Employees, if the number of Employees is increased the cost per month will also increase and will be updated in your Billing.  

Optional Phone Clocking - Optional phone clocking allows you to select a number option where employees can use phone clocking with a Dept ID and employee Pin number at a cost of $0.05 per call.

Current Payment Method - Clicking on Edit in this row will take you to the Bill-To information Tab where you can view and edit your Payment method and billing details.  

Bill-To Name - this row will display the Bill To Name as set in the Bill-To Tab information.

Current Balance Due - Clicking on Edit in this row will take you to the Invoices & Payment Tab where you can view your uAttend and Order Invoices.

Last Payment - This row will show the details of the last payment made.

Cancel Account - 

There are no cancellation fees or contracts. Please follow the instructions below to cancel your subscription:

Select your name in the top right - click on My Account - at the bottom of the table click CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION and follow the prompts.

Please ensure you run the appropriate reports to retrieve all your historical data before cancelling. 

You will be prompted with a message asking for the reason you would like to cancel the account.  Once you click submit you will receive a message advising that your request will be processed as soon as possible