To view shift-related exceptions, such as Early In, Late In, Early In, and Early Out punch times, as well as Missing Break Punches and Missing Lunch Punches, you can run a shift exception report. To run a shift exception report, follow these steps:

1.  Click the Reports tab on the main menu.

2.  Click Shift Exception Report from the Reports dashboard.

3.  Select the date range for which you want to run the report.

4.  Click All Departments to view a list of all departments and click All Codes to view a list of all shift codes.

5.  Check the departments and codes for which you want data.

NOTE: By default, all departments and shift codes will be checked. To clear the check marks, you must uncheck the check box at the top. Then you can select individual departments and shift codes for which you want to run the report.

6. Click Search.

The report data will display. You can click the employee's name or the red highlighted shift exception to view the appropriate timecard.

You can also choose one of the following links at the top of the screen:

Print—Displays a clean view of the data, preferable for printing.

Email—Allows you to email the data.

Export—Allows you to export the data in CSV format, unless you have chosen a different format for exporting. Exports the data to your computer for importing into payroll.