If the Administrator or Supervisor of a uAttend account has made changes to any account, department, or setting and is not seeing these updates on the Timecard, uAttend can have a timecard Recalculate in order to update and show these changes.

Located in the bottom right hand corner of every timecard are several buttons used to print, download, export, or recalculate the timecard.

NOTE: The recalculate button only works on one employee at a time and only one pay period at a time. It cannot recalculate multiple people and pay periods at the same time.

To recalculate a timecard:

  1. Go to the Timecards tab in your account.
  2. Click on the name of the Employee you wish to recalculate.
  3. Navigate to the Pay Period you wish to recalculate.
  4. Locate the Recalculate button in the bottom right corner and click it.
  5. Wait for the timecard to finish loading and you will see the timecard has updated.