An employee can be assigned to certain shifts within uAttend.  To assign a shift and / or adjust the alarms settings for a particular User, follow these steps:

1.  Click the Users tab on the main menu. 

2.  Select the user's name from the list.

3.  Select the Shift by clicking on the Shift Name for each Active Shift.

4.  Within the Shift Window, click on the Assignments Tab and click on the checkbox next to the Employees name to assign them to that particular shift:

5.  To receive Alarm notifications for this employee, click on the Alarms tab:

6.  You will need to fill out the details for each Alarm type, e.g. you might want to receive a notification when the employee starts their shift more than 15 mins early or finishes their shift more than 15 mins late so that you can be aware if an employee is working over and above their regular hours, or if they start more than 5 minutes late or finish more than 5 mins early for a shift, you may want to track if an employee is regularly running late or finishing early.  You can also set it up to receive a notification if an employee misses a break or lunch clocking.

7.  Click Save and Close

You can also Print / Email any of the Shift Schedule / Assignments or Alarms Setting by clicking on the Print or Email buttons within each Tab.