Employees can request time off from within uAttend.  To add a new time off request follow these steps:

1.  Click the Users tab on the main menu. 

2.  Select the user's name from the list.

3.  Choose the Employee Services tab then Add Request in the Time off Request window:

4.  Click on the starting date and ending date of the request.  Click only one date for a single day request and then click Confirm to add the Time off Request.

6.  Enter the number of hours requested off under the appropriate pay code, for each day - please note that the input format of 07:30, denoting Seven Hours and Thirty Minutes, must be used, or the entry will be rejected.
If you wish to show that an Employee is on Holiday or away Sick, but is not being paid, you can enter 00:00
If you are the administrator and are entering holiday on behalf of the employee then tick the Approve box after you have entered the hours, this way you can skip approving the requests.

You can also mark the request as Unpaid or Weekend.

7. Click Save and Add New to add another Time Off Request or click Save to Save and Quit.

Any Approved or Pending requests will be displayed in Time off Request window as per below: