Within the Users > Employee Services section you can adjust the following settings:

To enable / disable any of these features, follow these steps:

1.  On the same Employee Services page under the the heading User Settings choose EDIT

2.  Click Edit beside each feature as below:

View Timecard - This option allows the employee to view their timecard via their Website login or via the App.

Allow Website Clock - This allows the employee to clock via their Website login.

Send Employee Timecard - enables the setting up of emailing of Timecards to Users. 

Enter the users email address.
The send time of the email can also be specified. Either daily, weekly or on each pay period. 
Users receive an emailed Timecard of the active Pay Period showing their hours to date. 

Timecard Approval - Only Activate this feature if you wish the employee to approve their timecard on the website or via the Smartphone App. 

Display Benefit Accrual - Here you set whether or not holiday and other accruals show on the Timecard for the employee. 

Add Expense to System - If this is set then you can add a expense to the employees Timecard either through a Timeclock or online. 

Add Tip to System - When this is set, the administrator is able to add a tip onto the employees Timecard.  

Notify of Clock by Email -  allows you to specify email addresses to send an alert when a clocking occurs for this employee.
You can put more than one email address, just use a comma to split them up with no spaces as per example below: firstemail@mycompany.com,secondemail@mycompany.com