Administrators can give users the ability to view timecards or to view and edit them.

To assign viewing/editing rights to a supervisor or employee, follow these steps:

1.  Click the Users tab on the main menu.

2.  Select the user's name from the list.
3.  Click the Edit link in the Timecard Edit Rights section.

4.  From the drop-down menu, select View+Edit to allow the user viewing and editing rights, or select View Only to allow the user viewing rights only.

5.  Click Save.
6.  Click the Employee Services tab under the User Menu link.

7.  In the User Settings Section at the top of this window check that the View Timecard option is set to Yes.

If this is set to No, Click on the Edit Button (just below User Settings), this will open the User Settings and allow you to Edit and set the View Timecard option to Yes.  Click Save to update this setting.

For information on viewing and editing timecards, see Viewing Timecards/Editing Timecards.