After you set up departments, you will add users to your uAttend account and assign them to the departments. You can also customize each user's profile by using the settings found on the Users page. There are three types of users in uAttend: administrators, supervisors, and employees.

Administrators—Administrators have control over the uAttend account. They set all preferences within the account. Administrators add all users, including employees, supervisors, and other administrators. For more information, see Administrators.

—Supervisors are assigned departments for which they are responsible. Supervisors can perform many of the same functions that administrators can, with several exceptions. For more information, see Supervisors.

EmployeesEmployees are assigned to departments. The functions that employees can perform are limited to clocking in and out and viewing/editing their timecard, depending on the rights that the administrator has set up for them. For more information, see 

User Profile

The following options are available on the user profile screen. To access this screen, click the Users tab and click the name of the user whose profile you wish to edit.

- Rolethe role (administrator, supervisor, or employee) assigned to the user.

- First/Last Namethe first and last name of the user.

- Username/Password—the username and password assigned to the user.

- Home Departmentthe home department to which the user belongs.

- Timezone—the timezone in which the user works.
- Email—the user's email address.
- Phone—the user's phone number.

- Date of Birththe user's date of birth.
- Timecard Edit Rights—rights assigned to the user (View Only or View & Edit).
- Employee Payroll ID—reference number for salary reports.
- Hourly Rate—the hourly rate of the user.

- Weekly RuleChoice of Highest First or Lowest First.

- ShiftsShifts assigned to the user.

- Job Trackingindicates whether Job Tracking is On or Off for this User.

- Status—indicates whether the user is active or archived.