You can view the details for the Shifts assigned to each Department.

To view the Shifts assigned to a Department, follow these steps:

1.  Click the Departments tab on the main menu.

2.  Select the department from the list.

3.  Click the Shifts link.

4.  This will Display the Shift Code and Name for each shift assigned to that Department.

5.  Click on the Shift Name link to view the details for that Shift.  

The Schedule Tab will display the Shift Schedule:

The Assignments Tab will show a list of the Departments that this Shift is assigned to, shifts can be assigned / unassigned by checking / un-checking the  tick box next to the Department name:

The Alarms Tab will show any notifications that have been set up for Early, Late or missed clockings:

5.  You can Print or Email any of these details by clicking on the Print or Email option in each tab.

6.  Once you are finished viewing / editing the Shift details Click Save and Close.