You can specify the details of department shifts, such as the maximum number of hours employees can work per shift and whether or not employees can work a night shift.

To set up shift settings for a department, follow these steps:


1.  Click the Departments tab on the main menu.


2.  Select the department from the list.


3.  Click the Advanced link.


4.  You can edit any of the following settings by clicking the Edit link in the appropriate section. 


  • Day Changes At—Allows you to change the time at which a new workday begins. (Example: If a workday starts at 10:00pm and an employee punches in at 10:05pm, the punch will appear on the next day's timecard.)
  • Maximum Shift—The maximum number of hours an employee can work per shift.
  • New Shift Starts—The number of hours that must lapse after an employee punches out before they may start a new shift.
  • Night Shift?—Allows you to specify whether or not employees are allowed to work through the day change time.
  • Timecard Require Admin / Supervisor Approval?—Allows you to choose whether this department's timecards require admin or supervisor approval. You can also specify who will be emailed when a timecard is approved.



5.  When you are finished with each setting, click Save.

If TimeCard Approvals is On in Settings > Communications > Timecard Approvals with Require Admin and Supervisor Approval set to On, the Timecard Require Admin Approval and Timecard Require Supervisor Approval settings will be visible as per above, you will also see the available Email options.