Setting up a start zone and end zone allows you to prevent employees from working unauthorized overtime. 

By setting a start zone and end zone, you set a buffer before the start time and after the end time of a shift. The clock records the actual time the user punches in, but they won't start earning pay until the start time.

For example, if you set a start zone of 15 Minutes, employees will be allowed to punch in up to 15 minutes before the shift start time. However, they will not earn overtime for the extra minutes worked. 

When you set up the schedule, you will specify start and end times that employees in the department will work. Start and end zones are set up by the day, at the department level. If you wish, this feature can be used in conjunction with the lockout feature.

To set up the department's schedule, follow these steps:

1.  Click the Departments tab on the main menu.

2.  Select the department from the list.

3.  Click the Schedule link.

4.  In the Enabled column, select Yes for each day for which this schedule will be enabled.

5.  In the Start Time and End Time columns, enter the start and end times for the department's daily schedule.

6.  In the Start Zone column, select the number of minutes before the start time that employees will be allowed to clock in.

7.  In the End Zone column, select the number of minutes after the end time that employees will be allowed to clock out.

8.  Click Save.

IMPORTANT: You must enter times for both Start Zone and End Zone for the system to save the settings. After you enter times on this page, remember to click Save or your changes will not be saved.

The following example is for a typical department that works 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with a start zone of 15 Minutes and an end zone of 30 Minutes.