To add a department, follow these steps:

1.  Click the Departments tab on the main menu.

2.  Click Add Department.

3.  In the Code field, enter a code for the department.

The Code field is a 20-character field. The code can be used as a reference for the department and will appear on timecards.

4.  In the Department Name field, enter a name for the department.

You can specify other department settings on this screen or you may choose to enter this information later, such as:

Day Changes At - Allows you to change the time at which a new workday begins. (Example: If a workday starts at 10:00pm and an employee clocks in at 10:05pm, the punch will appear on the next day's timecard.) 

Maximum Shift - The maximum number of hours an employee can work per shift. 

New Shift Starts - The number of hours that must lapse after an employee clocks out before they may start a new shift. 

Night Shift? - Allows you to specify whether or not employees are allowed to work through the day change time. 

Department settings are explained further in General Department Settings.

5.  Click Save & Continue to continue adding department settings, click Save & Add New to add a new department, or click Save & Close.

You can create as many departments as you wish, regardless of your uAttend plan