NOTE: The tips feature is only available for users in your account who use one of the Platinum Series C time clocks (BN6500, BN6000, CB6500, CB6000) and for users who clock in through the uAttend website.

Enabling Tips Feature

In uAttend, administrators can enable your employees to add tips.

To enable the tips feature, follow these steps:

1.  Click the Settings tab.

2.  Click the Employee Services link.

3.  Click Enable in the Tips section of the page, to enable the tips feature.


4.  Click the Edit Employees link in the upper-right corner of the Tips section on the Employee Services page.

The Enable Tipping dialog box appears, allowing you to select all employees for whom you would like the tipping feature enabled.

5.  Select the department(s) for which you would like to enable tipping, or select All Departments. You can also expand a department name to select individual employees.

6.  Click Save And Close.

Tips can also be Enabled for a particular user by:

1.  Clicking on the Users Tab.

2.  Select the user’s name from the list.

3.  Click the Employee Services link.

4.  In the User Settings section click on the Edit Button.

5.  Next to Add Tip to System, click the Edit link.

6.  Select Yes from the Drop down options and click Save.


Entering Tips via Time Clock

Employees can enter tips through a Platinum Series C time clock (BN6500, BN6000, CB6500, CB6000). To enter a tip through a clock, employees will follow these steps:

1. Press the (uAttend menu) key, followed by the PIN code assigned to the user.

2.  Press OK.

3.  Select Time Card Options and press OK.

4.  Select Add Tip Total and press OK.

5.  Enter the tip total and press OK.

The message "Is This The Correct Amount?" will display.

6.  Press OK to accept the tip total or press the ESC key to back out.

7.  Using the down arrow key, scroll down to select the date to which you want the tip applied and press OK.

The message "Is This The Correct Date?" will display.

8.  Press OK to accept the date or press the ESC key to back out.

The time clock will display the message "Tip Added!"

Entering Tips
 via uAttend Website

Employees can enter Tips through the uAttend website.

To enter a Tip through the uAttend website, employees will follow these steps:

1. Click the Timecards tab.

2.  Select the user’s name from the list.

3.  In the top row next to the Pay Period, click Add Tip.

4.  Select the date and tip amount.  Enter any Notes if applicable.

5.  Click Save and Close.


NOTE:  Administrators can also enter Tips to an employee's time card.