To setup the payroll export for uAttend to your payroll software you will need both access to uAttend (from an Admin privilege) and your payroll software. 

NOTE: If you export to any format other than CSV or ProcessingPoint, you will incur a $5.00 charge per month.

There are three main steps to setting up your export, steps 1 & 2 are required for setting up the export and step 3 is downloading the file for your export:

1. Changing the Paycode names in uAttend to match those in your Payroll software:

The first thing you'll need to do is match the headings for the Paycodes in uAttend, to the ones being used in your software. These settings can be found in uAttend > SETTINGS > EXPORT: 

The first thing to do here is adjust the 'EXPORT PREFERENCE' to the payroll software that you are using, this will adjust the format of the export file in accordance with the payroll software that your using. 

The next thing to do in this menu is to adjust the Paycode header to match up exactly to what the existing names are in your payroll software. For example your 'OVERTIME 1 HOURS' will likely be the payroll code for Overtime 1.5x or Time and a Half.

There are also options for setting up Scheduled Reports. Clients who have an FTP server on their network can set up regularly-scheduled reports to be sent automatically, see Reports for further information in regards to Scheduled reports. 

2. Match Payroll ID field from Payroll Software, to uAttend:

You will need to ensure that all employees whose timecards will be exported have the same value for 'EMPLOYEE PAYROLL ID' as what the 'PRIMARY CODE' for each employee that is used in your payroll software. For example in MYOB this field is called the 'CARD ID'.

To set this up:

  • Click the Users tab on the main menu.
  • Select the user's name from the list.
  • Click Edit in the Employee Payroll ID row, enter the Payroll ID as per the matching ID in your Payroll Software and click Save.

3. Downloading your export file:

Now that you have matched the appropriate fields in uAttend to the fields in your payroll software you're able to run your export to produce the file that you will be able to use to pull your employees times into your payroll software. To do this you'll need to navigate to 'REPORTS' > 'PAY PERIOD REPORT' > Choose the departments you need to run the export for, then press 'RUN REPORT' (top right hand side of the window) > Then choose EXPORT; the file that you'll need for your payroll export will begin to download.

To import this file into your appropriate payroll software seek support documentation or get in touch with the company who provides your payroll software for support.