Exporting Timecards

Administrators can export timecards. The Export feature allows you to choose the format in which you will export the timecards for payroll processing. 

1.  Click the Settings tab, then click the Export link from the options that appear below menu options. 

2.  Click the Edit link in the Export Preference row, from the drop-down options choose the format in which reports will be exported.

NOTE:  If you export to any format other than CSV or ProcessingPoint, you will incur a $5.00 charge per month.

If required, specify the code you’d like to use for each section header in the report by clicking the Edit link in the appropriate section and entering the code. 

3.  When you are finished with each setting, click Save.

There are also options for setting up Scheduled Reports. Clients who have an FTP server on their network can set up regularly-scheduled reports to be sent automatically, see Reports for further information in regards to Scheduled reports.