One way to clock in to the uAttend system is via the uAttend smartphone application. The application can be used on iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry Torch, Android phones, and Android tablets.

To use the uAttend smartphone application, first download the application using the steps in Setting Up Users for Smartphone App Clocking.

Next, follow these steps on your phone:

1. Launch the uAttend smartphone application.

You will be prompted to log in with your company ID. You can find your company ID at the top of any screen within your uAttend account.


2.  Enter your company ID and click Enter.

The application will connect to the server.

3.  When the login screen appears, enter your username and password.

4.  Click Sign In.

Your current status appears as Punched In or Punched Out, with the time and date of the last clock.

5.  Press the In or Out button for three seconds to change your status (e.g., to clock out if you have been clocked in).


6.  Exit out of the application.


For more information on using the smartphone app, see Managing the Smartphone App.