Administrators and supervisors with rights can perform many tasks through the smartphone application. The main menu includes: Reports (with subheadings Who's In, Timecards, and Summaries), User Management (with subheading Group Punch), and Settings (with subheadings Customer Support and Logout).

The application can be used on iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry Torch, Android phones, and Android tablets.

To download the smartphone application, follow these steps: 

1.  Download the application to your smartphone device from your phone's marketplace. The app is not yet available for windows devices.

Android: Download here

iPhone: Download here

2.  Once the application has downloaded, enter your company ID. You can find your company ID at the top of any screen within your uAttend account.

3.  You will then be prompted to enter your username and password, then press Sign In. 

4.  Once you sign in, you will be able to administer your account from your Smartphone.

Who's In

Select Who's In from the main menu to access the Punch status of employees. When the list of departments displays, select the department for which you would like data.


Select Timecards from the main menu to display a list of available timecards, then select the employee whose timecard you wish to display.

With the employee timecard open, you can press the Actions button at the top right of the screen to Approve Timecard, Recalculate Timecard, and Email Timecard.

Select a day from the timecard to access Timecard Detail

Pressing the Actions button from this screen displays options for Add Punch and Show NotesSelect Add Punch to edit punches for the employee.


Select Summaries from the main menu to access summary data for payroll hours. Pressing the Actions button from this screen displays options for List Hours by Department and Email Summary.

Group Punch

Select User Management from the main menu to access the Group Punch option. Select all employees you wish to include and click Group Punch - Confirm. Note that each employee you wish to include in a group punch must first be approved for smartphone punching through their user profile. For more information, see Setting Up Users for Smartphone App Punching.


Select Settings from the main menu to access Customer Support (where you can send a help request) and Logout.